Relax & Recharge @ Australia’s one of the best Wellness Retreat Centers of 2021

Are you looking for a peaceful resort near Sydney?? Some calm & serene holiday resort near Sydney where you can leave behind all the chaos of your busy urban life and recharge yourself to move forward with a new energy!!

Ananda Wellness Retreat, a beautiful resort near Kiama beachis basically the best place for a blissful wellness retreat in Jamberoo near Jamberoo action park. Basically it is located on the banks of fryers of creek – against the backdrop of Minnamurra rainforest.

This place warm heartedly invites their guests for a rejuvenating stay experience with their friends & family with a promise to offer the most comfortable accommodation near Sydney with a calm & serene ambiance for an unforgettable stay experience.

It is a perfect place to relax, recharge & reconnect with your soul in the best possible way. They also offer a magical transformation of yourself while you stay with them at Ananda Wellness Retreat.

Here you not only get the most amazing & comfortable accommodation but you can also be a part of various retreats and spend some of the quality days of your life, learning various aspects of yoga & wellness. If you have a busy schedule, you don’t have to worry about it. You can still be a part of their retreats.

For all those people who have very busy schedules, but still want to be a part of a wellness retreat; Ananda Wellness have special “Day Retreats” for them. It starts in the morning & ends by evening, so you don’t have to stay for a night. You can easily drive away to your home once you are done with the retreat.

And you have 3-4 days time to spend, for your peace of mind as well as your overall well being, you can attend our regular retreats that usually are scheduled for 3 days. You can choose the suitable accommodation option along with all the additional wellness options you need like spa or sauna, cedarwood hot tub or vichy shower or anything else you desire to go for!!

So, if you need a quick weekend getaway or want to be a part of a wellness retreat, this resort near Wollongong,is an ideal place for you!! You can visit our website and make advance booking for your stay as well as wellness retreat.

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