A Yoga Retreat is basically a calm & soothing place where trained professionals conduct guided Yoga sessions. Ananda Wellness is coming up with such a Yoga Retreat Package. Experience the most amazing healing holidays with Ananda Wellness Retreat. Though there is a lot of difference between going on holidays and attending a retreat. In a retreat you will be stepping back, going inwards and allow yourself to take some time out from the outer world. 

At Ananda Wellness Retreat you will be encouraged to leave the outer world behind, step away from all your stress and focus on gaining energy from the positive vibes all around you. Because we want to help you gain clarity about life, and find answers that you have always been searching for. 

The charges for our Yoga Retreat are 300$ / person, 500$ / couple and 700$ for a group of three; that is inclusive of 4 Yoga classes sessions over the period of 3 days, 2 retreat themed workshops, one guided meditation & a enlightening documentary movie night. You will be served delicious vegetarian meals everyday & how can we forget to mention the most comfortable accommodation that we will be providing you along with all the necessary modern day amenities. In addition to that you will be getting complimentary access to Cedar Wood Hot Tub, Sauna & Pool.

There are some other wellness facilities that you can use by paying extra charge:

• Massage $110-$150. (Time confirmed on arrival)
• Floatation Tank 60 minutes $99.
• Vichy Shower $99 per 60 minutes.
• Steam room $49 per session.

Following mentioned will be the Schedule for the Yoga Retreat:

Day 1

3:45pm Welcome Talk
You will be cordially welcomed at Ananda Wellness Retreat and greeted by our trained Yoga experts.

4pm Yin/Restorative Yoga
Yin Yoga or Restorative Yoga is a slow paced yoga with the aim to increase the blood circulation & improve the joint flexibility.

6pm Dinner
You will be served with beautiful vegetarian dishes to delight your mood.

7pm Guided Relaxation Meditation
Guided Meditation is a state of guided relaxation with the purpose to achieve mental, emotional as well as physical healing. 

Day 2

7am Hatha Yoga – To get the energy moving
Hatha Yoga implies the physical practice of Yoga. It is a gentle Yoga practice that involves breath, body & mind and usually includes breathing, yoga poses & meditation. 

8 AM: Breakfast
You will be served delicious vegetarian breakfast prepared by our expert chefs at Ananda Green Kitchen.

9 AM: Retreat Themed Workshop
You will be attending a retreat themed workshop conducted by our Yoga experts.

12 PM: Lunch
Once again you will be enjoying the tasteful vegetarian delights at your lunch time. 

4 PM: Yin/Restorative Yoga
Once again you will be practicing this slow paced Yoga that is beneficial to your blood vessels, muscles & joints.

6 PM: Dinner
In dinner, again you will be enjoying the tasty vegetarian dishes from our Ananda Green Kitchen.

7 PM: Enlightening Documentary
You will be entertained with an enlightening documentary movie on the second night of your retreat.

Day 3

7am Hatha Yoga – To get the energy moving
Once again you will be practicing breathing and trying different basic Yoga postures that are inclusive in Hatha Yoga.

8am Breakfast
Delight yourself with delicious vegetarian breakfast to make your day lighter & brighter.

9am Retreat Themed Workshop
Once again you will be attending a retreat themed workshop to gain more knowledge from our Yoga experts.

12pm Lunch
Enjoy the delightful vegetarian meal after the retreat workshop and get ready for departure.

1pm Departure
Wave Good-Bye to Ananda Wellness Retreat just to come again very soon!!!

These retreats are really worth it as it offers a completely different vacation experience. You will be getting an opportunity to see a new perspective of life, and also get a chance to meet different people you have otherwise not met with a chance to learn/do something new. Confirm your Retreat package with us and get ready to disconnect from technology & connect with nature. You will be surrounded with a whole lot of positive energy all around you and find healing for all your problems.

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